Manage Everything Including

Parties, Inwards and Outwards

Parties, Inwards and Outwards

About Biztock

One can manage a business better by managing goods appropriately. It is easy to respond to customers when you know what you have in stock, what you have to purchase and when your customers need it. Customers love material delivered on time.

Biztock helps with managing your stock and offers a centralized view of stock. One can manage sales and purchase parties, generate inwards and outwards and delivery challans and also add orders for the future deliveries.

The most exciting thing about Biztock is it can be operated from any device and from anywhere. So owners and sales persons of the business get to know the current available stock from anywhere, anytime.

Biztock also supports multiple users and multiple ware-houses in the same system based on various operational processes. It also provides multiple reports and analytics for the owner to see current  business condition and growth.

Key Features

Manage Inventory

Add/Edit Inwards, Outwards and Orders
Manage Partial Orders
Listing of Inwards, Outwards and Orders
Stock Listing Ware-house wise

Data Management

Add/Edit Parties
Add/Edit Items with Units
Add/Edit Users
Powerful Reporting

Other Features

Easily Accessible from any device
Fast, Flexible and Secure
Easy To Use Design

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Benefits of using Stock Management

  • Eliminates manual inventory management and keeps centralized stock
  • Improves your delivery by managing stock-outs and meeting customer expectations
  • Manages planning and forecasting by analysing data trends
  • Reduces storage cost
  • Reduces labour costs as employees can find items easily

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