1. Apple store id
  2. Apple team id
  3. Firebase basic knowledge
  4. Xcode

That’s it now let’s start from our first requirement

App store id 

Link => if you have an apple store id or app id then good, jump to the next section otherwise continue

  • Create app store connect account and login , you will need apple developer account for that
  • After you logged click on my Apps in app store connect

  • After you logged click on my Apps in app store connect

  • Fill form as step 2 sku is unique
  • text for every app and finally
  • create app
  • After that you will be prompted to below screen and there you will find app id or app store id as shown in image

Apple Team id 

Link =>

  • Go to above link and click on Account Tab

  • After you logged in you will be prompted to below screen , then click on membership option

  • After that you will find team id as mentioned below

Now It’s Time to Integrate Firebase with iOS App

  • First step is to create an IOS app in firebase and add Apple team id and apple store as we already discussed it how to find it , for some reason if you don’t have app id or apple store id then you you can add any number for now
  • First go to firebase console and click on settings as shown in image below

  • Then click on project settings and you will be prompted with project setting screen
  • Then click on General Tab

  • After then you will find two section , you project and your app , go to your app section and click on iOS app,

  • Fill in apple id and team id in it

Now it’s time to create dynamic link in firebase

  1. Create Ios App in firebase
  • Now scroll down to end in the menu bar as shown in below image
  • And click on Dynamic Links tab

  • After that you will be prompted with below screen

  • Now click on get started and create dynamic link as shown in below images This is test
  • project for demo purpose so i will be using demo values
  • this is our demo project so we will be using firebase links, but if you have production ready app i will recommend go with your own domain, for custom domains there are few extra configuration that you need to do , we will not be covering that in this project,
  • now add your url prefix like shown in below image

  • Now click on finish

  • Now we have to create new dynamic link to use in our code

  • Now click on next

  • The deep link your app will open. This link must be a valid URL, and use HTTP
    or HTTPS scheme. like given demo link

  • I am considering you already created the app and did all necessary configuration in firebase
  • Now select behavior if the app is not installed in Device , if you want to open your link in-app store if not install then you have to create an app in firebase and select that app in here like given below, it will take the user to your app in the app store

Xcode Configuration

  • Double check for team that you are using
  • now as given below you have to enter that dynamic link , for example we have above  now first step add associated domains in capabilities, if you don’t know then just click on plus icon that is given aside of capabilities text ,below general , then search for associated domains and add dynamic link as below
  • make sure to not to add http or https

  • Now for the last step navigate to info section as shown in below image, then go to url types section and add identifier like Bundle Id and use your package name in URL schemes

It concludes our blog here, now the coding part is remain for that refer to react native firebase until we update this blog