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BizBid is one kind of online portal to manage the tender or procurement processes. It can be bought by any organization or company and it’ll work as their own. One can send or host their requirement and the respective vendors from their field will submit their best rates on one’s online portal.

We can send Emails to Company employees as well as the vendors on every action of E-Tendering. They will get when the Email when the tender’s been uploaded, any changes in the tender will be done or before the expiration date of tender and closing of the tender.

You can extract any kind of reports like the past purchase of every item, any vendor’s past performance, reports on budgets, etc.

BizBid also supports multi-unit Manufacturing Industries where one can compare the price of an item at every unit.

It’ll be very much accurate in comparison of every vendor’s quotation rather than doing manually preparing in Excel Sheets.

The transparency in the organization will increase due to no manual interference in the procurement process.

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  • BizBid provides instant efficiency with pre-configured templates.
  • BizBid provides you with user- friendly interface where any untrained user is able to work with the application quickly and easily.
  • Systematic vendor management is available.
  • Different company quotation comparisons and analysis are possible.
  • It’s easy to keep tracking of pending purchase documents.

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