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IndiaPort, the very first export-import & logistic application solely for updates.
IndiaPort is a channel to keep followers updated on news, blogs, and government notification regarding export-import and logistics. Being part of EximEducation, Indiaport is determined towards the growth of the nation.
IndiaPort believes in EximEducations’ motto; ‘Making India the World’s Factory.
One cannot just be a successful exporter if s/he doesn’t know the market and changes made by the government.


  • How can IndiaPort be good for your export-import business?
  • IndiaPort is the ocean of knowledge and knowledge comes with learning, understanding, and grasping and you my friend are at the right place.
  • We provide you important information that can help you grow as an exporter or importer:
  • Regular exam and logistics news updates from a genuine source
  • Weekly curated blogs explaining various logistic procedures, products or simply discussing the current global freight issues.
  • A track on government pages for the sole purpose to keep our audience aware of the changes made in the business so one can work accordingly.
  • Through EximEducation we build an international business by brushing & educating the skills of the traders
  • Free content on apps and blogs on your website

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