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  • Nowadays, the real competition is to forecast the market and act according to it. It is the real key to success. To achieve it with perfection, we bring to you the Inquiry Management System. Which tracks and predicts the future scenario of the market and helps you to stay ahead of the rest.
  • It’s a multi-layered software solution- with No Muss, No Fuss- that streamlines a channel between Higher Management and Sales Executives. Allocated officials can track the leads of their sales executives with past records and future reminders. This software solution ensures the efficient delivery of the forecasting of sales.
  • The challenge for Team WizTech was to provide multi-user and different roles in the same portal based on the operational process. We did that successfully with a power-packed set of features.


  • Create Leads segment-wise
  • List out the Leads layer-wise (1st layer, 2nd layer, etc.)
  • Tracking Leads
  • Changing Status according to requirement
  • Set Reminder for Follow-Up
  • Personal Message to Sales Executive for a particular Lead
  • Reports: Win/Loss Ratio, Average Leads, Leads per Executive, Segment wise reports, etc.


By tracking and maintaining leads, you can forecast for your business and can find which area in business needs focus. You can also generate tons of reports from data to get an idea of the market. Getting an idea of the Market is very helpful to stay ahead of the rest.

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