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OrderCart is a type of application where the Dealer can order the product with one click. This application has great UI/UX and is easy to use for the Dealer and it has a great feature of providing Innovative Notifications to the potential dealer. So, the dealer can easily be informed about the new launching product, discount on the product, on birthday, on festival, and for stock liquidation.

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  • Only Approved User can Access OrderCart – Mobile Order Application
  • Your products are in the Palm of Your Dealers
  • Dealers can Accept, Reject and Hold Orders and by doing this so dealer/user gets a notifications
  • Dealers can see Digital Catalog uploaded on OrderCart – Mobile Order Application
  • OrderCart is having a feature of proving information about Order punching, Tracking orders, and seeing previous order history
  • Dealers can sort products according to Category and Brand
  • Providing innovative Notification of new launching schemes, New launching Products, Stock liquidation.

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