PHP is widely used and powerful backend programming language.  It uses an easy to understand programming structure and developer-friendly web functionalities. It gives ease to the developers to build dynamic applications integrated with desired features.

Using readymade libraries make developer’s work easy. Libraries provides some built-in functions which developer can use. They allow developers to focus more on the other complex operations.

Here we are listing top 10 widely used libraries for various functions.


Guzzle is used for sending HTTP requests to the web servers. Developers can easily send HTTP requests to integrate with web services. The library provides a simple interface for building query strings, POST requests, HTTP cookies, and other attributes. It also allows developers to send both synchronous and asynchronous requests from the same interface.


OAuth is a widely accepted authentication method. This PHP library is used for authentication without sharing passwords. OAuth basically uses an access token and is designed specially to work with HTTP requests. OAuth is mostly used in API authentication where the client needs to share the access token and if it is valid, the client can access the data and also needs to share the token with each request.


This library is used for dater and time. One can easily check for conditions like a weekday, weekend, yesterday, is past, is the same day, is birthday etc. Addition and subtraction to dates also become very easy. It is by-default included in Laravel. It also allows you to convert time to different time zones without changing the default time zone.

PHP Fast Cache

After some time of release, its possible that your website has 5000 visitors sending a database request at a same time. All these 5000 requests to the database is executing a same query 5000 times. It’s a too much workload. This is where PHP fast cache comes into play. It is a backend caching library intended for speeding up PHP web applications. It drops the database load which helps in faster PHP execution which then results in faster page load.

PHP Captcha

Some bots may attack your site and start to exploit it. PHP Captcha is a PHP library that creates generates audio and visual captchas. They’re like a mini quiz that a user has to solve before login/signing in. So, a bot can never work on a website that has this type of security.


For sending mails through SMTP, the most popular library is PHPMailer. It is used by WordPress, Joomla and many more. It makes the SMTP so easy that you just have to pass the email name server and your login and it starts working.

PHP Spreadsheet

The PHP spreadsheet uses an array of data and dumps into a Microsoft Excel sheet. Previously the library was known as PHP Excel. PHP spreadsheet supports not only XLSX but also .XLS, .ODS, .XML and PDF.


Dom PDF is a style-driven renderer: it will download and read external stylesheets, inline style tags, and the style attributes of individual HTML elements. It also supports most presentational HTML attributes.


Faker helps developers to generate dummy content for web applications. Whether you want to fill up the application database with mock data or want to create sample XML documents, Faker does the job for you with good looking testing data.

Faker has Faker Factory that you can use to create and initialize a faker generator. On the generator side, you can access the generator properties like formatters, which actually generates the dummy data.

PHP Geo – Geo Location Library

PHP Geo is a simple library for calculating distances between geographic coordinates with high precision. This will work great in apps that make use of location data. To obtain the coordinates, you can use the HTML5 Location API.


Here are some of the libraries that we found are most usable while working in PHP.

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