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With enterprise-level engineering experience

and a deep background in product development, our company creates reliable, well-designed products that people love. We also believe in creating positive partnerships with our clients. We’re proud of our reputation for being hard-working but easy-going, and we’re at our best when we’re combining our love of code with our skill at adapting to our clients’ needs. This is what WizTech is about.

WizTech meets you where you are.

Whether you’re starting with an idea or have a fully developed spec, we’re on it. We immerse ourselves into teams when it’s appropriate, or simply manage discrete aspects of a project if that’s what you need. And everything in between.

We discover.

We love listening to a client’s product vision and collaborating on how to make it a reality. Here’s when we learn about your goals, talk about any challenges and opportunities, and work with you on an initial feature list.

We wireframe and create user stories.

What does the user’s journey look like? WizTech is ready to chart that course by drawing on our deep product development experience to define and build flows. Then it’s on prototyping, testing, and learning what will make a great user experience.

We design.

We look broadly at the product’s features and determine how to prioritize them. Then we ensure that the design embodies your brand and is a delight for your customers to use.

We build and launch.

Time to put the pieces together and get ready to share your vision with your users. We implement the design, launch the product to market, and iterate as new features are released.

We maintain your product and help it improve.

We love sending our work out into the world, but our job doesn’t end there. We help you maintain your product, and once it’s in use, identify areas where it could be better. We also do a comprehensive transfer of information to your internal team, so every detail is at your fingertips.

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Shreyansh Doshi


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